Friday, 23 September 2011

Bollywood ~ a Love Story

As a little girl, I loved the larger-than-life world that Bollywood movies depicted. The so called heroes of the movies became my imaginative future husbands. (I never dreamt that I would have a boyfriend). The happily ending love stories were what I liked the most.

My love for movies was seen normal in my family. My parents are movie-buffs. They have incredible stories to share like how they went to see so-and-so movie’s 9pm show and left me n my sister sleeping in the house. My father used to watch 3 consecutive shows a day during the weekend. (Phew...!)

Years passed, I went to college and I switched from Bollywood to Hollywood. The main reason for this shift will look quite astonishing to some people. The ticket price for bollywood movies was 110 while that for a Hollywood movie was 40. Mind it, a stark difference for a student.

The new genre of movies (that’s Hollywood) was interesting, sophisticated and urbane and I found my second love. If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one, because if you really loved the first one you wouldn’t have fallen for the second. But this wasn’t me. I was up-rooted and in a completely new environment. I just bought this because I wanted to fit in.
Bollywood on the other hand started changing, moving into new-age cinema, bringing topics of social interest and concern. It is not the movies that make India what it is today. It is the India of today that has inspired these Bollywood movies. India of today is better, brighter and bolder, and “More righteous!” An India that re-defines Devdas, Don and Agneepath that encourages a fighter who is strong but does not always need to raise his fists. Yes, Bollywood has come a long way.

After I left college and started working in a new city, fitting in was not all that I wanted and definitely it was not worth the sacrifice of one’s individuality. Long torn between my love for many things I again started exploring ways to blend the two....Bollywood with Hollywood. And, I am beginning to fall in love, all over again, with Bollywood.

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