Sunday, 16 October 2011

Life @ LBSIM

It takes courage to let go off the familiar. Leaving school & home to move on to a college....then leaving college for a job...a new life....then leaving it again to go for a college. This is how my last 6 years have gone by. I have been a guest at my own house. The decision was difficult but then it has paid off.

Moving on in life is simple, it's what you leave behind that makes it so difficult. Those memories always lingers on. And the worst part is you start comparing things....and getting upset at the new ways. The same happened to me when I joined LBSIM. Comparing it with my previous college the life at this institute looked dull. The huge library and the studious students made my heart sank. And I cursed everything that was happening in my life for bringing me here.....Why Me???

At that time I just wanted to get neck deep into studies so that I won't notice a thing and somehow survive the 2 years.

Time passed....I made new friends....and then the same class started looking to me like a family. A family in which though every member doesn't say that they care about you....but still you can feel the warmth. The feeling that though they may be sometimes busy but whenever you need them just look at them and they will understand.

And today I had one of the best days because of the LBSIM family. My lazy bones never let me get up on a Sunday morning though today was a different was different me.
Getting up early to go to a small school to teach some underprivileged students.
Yes!!! this is what I did today. Though it was just an hour's activity but still the smile on their faces was worthwhile my hours' sleep.

Their excited voices urging me to continue telling them stories....and then the enthusiasm to act on them was astonishing. Hadn't it been for their teacher who asked us to continue this next week, this session would have continued for hours.

Now I am looking forward to next week with greater excitement. Have more such beautiful days to live....

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