Thursday, 15 December 2011

A Vacant Room

Ever wondered why a vacant room looks much smaller than a room full of people. It is then you notice the color of the walls, the floor, the door and the windows. It is then you discover the missing elements, the free space around you.

Then you realize that your life resembles that room. Confined from all sides by the walls...there is just one door...a door from where people enter and exit....spend time in the room and then leave....the windows allow light to enter and you see the outside world from them...wondering all your life what's outside those boundaries. At times your life is full of people and some other time it's vacant like that room.

A vacant room makes you remember the people who are missing from your life. The people who once lived there...the people who laughed with you...shared life with you....the people who once were an indispensable part of your life...the people without whom you couldn't imagine to live a second alone....the people you swear to be with, all your life.

And then new tenants come and the room is again a place full of happiness and laughter. The color of walls change...there are new furniture...and new life. You become part of someone else's life. And you start living again...though with new a new place...already ready to face another emptiness.

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