Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Escape...

The answer was clear to had been clear from sometime but she was afraid. She knew what was in store but she never thought that her life would change forever after that. If someone else would have heard her story they would have told exactly what was about to happen but being a Sagittarius had its pros and cons. She kept everything to herself.

For months she had remained as calm and composed as she could possibly be. She had planned every second because she knew that the final moment would arrive eventually. After months of crying and cursing the almighty she had decided to take things in her own hand. She never lost faith in herself. She knew she could do it but somehow the plan couldn't take a shape in her mind.

The day when she saw that mouse for the first time in her life she squealed with joy. This was the ray of hope she had been waiting for so long. The plan was final in her mind and she didn't lose even a second to start working on it.

The cut on her forehead throbbed due to head rush as she tried to stand up. She sat again. With all the strength left in her she stood up again quietly. The drugs made her lousy but she had been clever enough to not gulp them. She kept them in her mouth and then spit them as soon as she got alone.

This was the day she had waited for so long. She had been counting days and hours and seconds and now the time has come. It was her only chance to escape the dreadful fate she had encountered 2 years 4 months 15 days 12 hours ago. She had never stopped counting.

With all her might she tried her best to push aside the cupboard. She was weaker today but the thought of escaping was enough to give her strength. As the cupboard slid aside the hole in the wall was visible. She had been literally scratching the wall from last 2 months. Every day she scrapped as much concrete as she could. She knew this was her route to leave the room and live her life again. She would be free. She smiled victoriously as she saw the hole. It was enough for her to wriggle through it. It was the last bit of brick that she would be digging through today. She knew this because she could see light peeping through tiny holes...this was the light of hope. She started working. For the next one hour she dug without stopping even for a second. The light was getting brighter and brighter and her excitement knew no bounds.

When the last bit of brick was gone she wriggled her head out and started pushing herself out of the hole. She was about to make history she thought. The air was clean and the light filled her with warmth. She would run for her life as soon as she could get out. She would run for help.

As she wriggled her shoulders out there was a shout from her left side.

Before she could react she heard loud bells all around her. She panicked and started moving fast. She had to get out and run as fast as she could to save herself. This was her only chance. She heard footsteps around her but she couldn't see anyone clearly. She had very less time in hand. She just had to get out and run fast.

As she was halfway out...she could see people approaching towards her. She shouted at the top of her voice to leave her. She pushed and they pulled her out. She struggled to run but there were too many hands grabbing her. She started to kick with all her strength. She was not strong enough.

Suddenly she felt stabbing pain on her left shoulder. She looked by her side but couldn't make out anything. There was a lot of commotion....lots of voices as she drifted slowly to sleep.

The nurses lifted her up and laid her on the stretcher near them. She looked serene while sleeping. The doctor has ordered to keep her in isolated cell for few weeks. She would be given another round of shock therapy.

She was admitted 4 months back. At 20 years, she was one of the youngest patients in the institution. Married at the age of 18, her parents never would have imagined that their beautiful daughter would suffer from such severe trauma. For two years she tried her best to escape from the tortures of her in-laws and husband. Her parents knew everything but ignored the warning signs as they never wanted the stamp of divorce on their daughter's life. She trusted them and hid her bruises from the world. When the atrocities grew she tried escaping but was caught, beaten ruthlessly and she never saw the day light for months after that.

She never knew she would now always remain captured in those memories. Her plan to escape had failed.

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  1. Your narrative needs a lil fine tuning. A good attempt nevertheless.


    1. Thanx...will go through it once more :)