Monday, 5 May 2014

Found and Lost

We come across a lot of different people in our lives....some we notice, some just pass by. While some people will inspire you, some will break you apart and make you lose faith in the word called life. Some will make you live life while some will make your life feel worthless. But life is when we survive all these people and the incidences and still continue to trust and have faith.

They met on a hazy afternoon of February. The conversation was easy and they talked for some time discussing their likes, dislikes, ups and downs and fears for the future. Though they seemed different from the outside they had a lot of things in common and by the end of their conversation they were aware of this. The two hours while they chatted just flew by and they decided to continue to talk the next day with the hopes of finding a new friendship in their life.

Two years went in a jiffy and they were still good friends. They were comfortable in each others life as long distance friends who were available when the other needed a ear to hear the concerns and help in the various transactions of life. This was the beginning of their story and as every story has a middle and an end they were also supposed to complete their life journeys.

They never thought of moving forward or lessening the physical distance between them. When one of them got involved in a relationship the other kept fair distance. Things never seemed to work out and when one of them would end broken the other supported by providing a virtual shoulder and gracefully pointed out the pros of not being in the relationship.

One fine day they thought of exchanging their numbers. The idea of hearing each others voices for the first time in their three years of friendship excited both of them. Starting from hilarious incidences they already knew to the habits they wanted to know they talked for the whole night for the first time. The next whole week went in a jiffy and they continued to talk for hours on the verge of being labeled as insomniacs by their friends. The distance between them was a long bridge which they were shortening day by day but still considered that they had a long way to go before they can meet up.

They knew they were perfect for each other. Both of them were broken but aren't most people in this world are? The important point was that they still wanted to be in each others life after five years of long distance friendship turned relationship. One fine day they decided to meet. It was easier said than done. They wanted this to be perfect like their love for each other. They decided on a date which was a month later. They would both meet in a new city, in a new country to start a new phase of their lives. She dreamt of being in his arms and kissing him on his lips. He dreamt of hugging her tight and kissing all her worries away. Yes, it would be a perfect start to a new life.

The date they decided on to meet was the day when they had both first entered into each others life. It was the day when they had both written hello and taken the first step of their friendship. He reached a day earlier in the city and booked a room for their stay. He knew she loved the sea and so he had chosen a beautiful sea faced room in a hotel in the quiet area of the city. The sea touched the sands and erased all the previous lines leaving a blank slate. His love and commitment would also help them to start a new life. He silently promised himself to fill her every living moment with all the happiness in this world.

In the afternoon he left for the airport with a bouquet of her favorite flowers. He was dressed in her favorite colored shirt and plain khaki trousers. He looked like a child filled with excitement and determination enough to conquer the world.

As soon as he entered the airport international arrivals he shivered as the cold wind touched his face. Something was amiss. Every face was sad and eyes filled with fear. The announcements were loud and their were a lot of cops calming the crowd gathered on the gates. He pushed hard and went to the front of the crowd. His chest touched the hard railing and the cold steel made him take a step back. Still he kept his feet fixed and with all force shouted the flight number. The cop in the front tried to make him calm and started explaining the situation. The flight was missing. No one knew where in the world it was. The situation was getting worse with each passing minute but with all the technology at their disposal the flight was still missing from the morning. The authorities had no clue about any thing. The breath left his lungs. He was pushed back into the crowd and then pushed to the end. His vision got blurred. The frantic cries of all the relatives were deafening. He sat on the floor as his feet no longer seemed strong enough to hold him. The time had stopped for him. For the next 48 hours he just sat at the airport with prayers on his lips and hope to see her in his eyes. He had lost his appetite and water no longer seemed to keep him alive. The flight was branded as missing but their were strong reports of it getting crashed in the ocean. No survivors were expected.

After 5 days he returned back to the hotel room that he had paid before for a full week. He had lost the will to speak. When the cab driver asked him about his destination he just showed the hotel card that was still in his pocket. As he entered the room the sound of waves crashing seemed like laughter. The calm sea which was soothing him some days back now seemed a cruel reminder of all that he has love and lost.


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