Thursday, 30 August 2012

Aaghaaz, the fresh start

As she entered silently, all eyes turned towards her. The silence was marked by the melodious rhythm of her payal and bangles. She was oblivious of the people around her. As she reached near her destination her eyes automatically met his. The smile that danced on her face at that moment was incredible. All the anxiety and tiredness vanished instantly. To answer her smile, he just put forward his hand and held hers’ tight, silently promising of never leaving, ever.

She had dreamt about this moment so many times that now it seemed like déjà vu. As the chants started, the incidents from the last 7 years flashed before her eyes. The ups and downs, the happy and sad everything seemed to fit in its place now.

She has changed in all these years and so has he.

What mattered was that they had lived through everything and were still together. Past was gone for good. There present and future were now together. A new life was starting.

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