Wednesday, 22 August 2012

What to do?

when you feel happy and sad at the same time....

when you want to laugh hard but end up crying silently...

when you don't know what to say still, want to talk ...

when you don't know the reasons of your slow heart beat...

when people value money more than relationships...

when you say something but mean something else....

when you fight most with the person you love....

when you want to share your feelings but feel cold....

when someone sees through your mask....

when you have a destination but it feels the best to wander in the wild....

when you don't want a dream to change into reality....

when you want to take a leap but are afraid of letting go of present...

when you have desire but no fire....

when you know that you don't want to change but still you think you should...

when you miss the warm hug of someone who is a thousand miles away...

when you start questioning your existence.


  1. Take the brighter side : Be/feel happy. Thats' what I would suggest but don't actually that

    Pain does it. Nothing can be done. True, isn't it?

    Thats' a hard thing to do. I would keep quite, its the usual me.

    I don't know.

    I 'd prefer moving on and find someone who values what is needed to be valued. And people can't change when the concern is put forward, I think.

    I don't know. May be, tell what you actually meant to say. That situation would be when I'm hiding something and I don't really have an answer to that

    Sorry, not my area. There is no such person, at least for now.

    May be you should write it down. I would write them down. And if I don't want others to read, I would write in a private blog.

    Hope that never happens. I feel exposed and find a way to escape the situation, may be.

    I chose the wild.

    Dreams and reality are two separate things and probably they wont become true. Hard Fact the easy way : Dreams dont change into reality. Else I would be a millionaire by now.

    Leap, even if that's hard because may be the place you land will be much more fulfilling. Stay in the present.

    May be know the importance and ignite the fire, even if its hard because its what you desire to achieve that matters. I will fuel the fire so that it burns to my desire. Seemed like a quote, I just wrote

    Advice : Choose wisely. I'd try to change.

    May be call. I don't know how it feels. Sry, Not my cup of tea

    I means you are in some hard times. Till will heal the little wounds and eventually you'd be glad. But as for me, I start doubting the reality.

    1. Everyone would love to be happy...but there are situations when you are actually happy and sad at the same time. And believe me that's the time when you realize what you really want and it changes your life.

      Pain is the answer...but time is a big healer.

      Silence for me works the best. And there are some people in your life who understand that too. Feel blessed!!!

      I don't believe you. Everyone knows what their heart wants!!!

      Either ask the person to change or start living with it or move on....

      Sometimes when you don't want to hurt people you do such things. Hiding things will make you miserable.

      To get the attention of the person you love.

      Writing is the solution. Actually that's actually the reason why I started blogging.

      There are people who know everything that go in your mind, even the reasons behind your sighs and smiles. Sometimes it's for the best to have such people in your life. Your parents are one of them.

      I too would prefer wild but a companion would be great.

      Some dreams do come true.

      That's scaring....but will try.

      Great quote!!!

      Change is the new constant.

      Calling is not a good alternative for hug but the easiest solution. I'll prefer leaving everything and flying to meet that person.

      I would do the same but eventually I would prefer starting afresh.

    2. @4 : Believe it or not. What my heart desires my mind deceives and the vice versa. So. I guess Nothing.

      @6 : What choice do we have except that ?

      @8 : Me too.

      @10 : Yeah, I agree to that.

      @11 : Yeah, when we work hard on them.

      @13 : That quote came with the flow.

      @14 : Exactly.

      @15: That would be true love. :)

      Previous comment corrections : *It means .., *Time will hea...
      @16: That would be good. But I think when such a situation arises we wont think of starting afresh, I guess.

    3. 4. Head and heart not in co-ordination...that must be soooo confusing :P

      16. You may be right. Saying is easy but doing it is difficult i guess.

      And rest agreed :)